Vandalism to the Mini Bus

Woodstock School was left without Mini bus as mindless thieves vandalised the bus.
Our school has been the target of vandalism 4 times in the last 2 years. 2 of these events in the last 3 months!
The thoughtless act has resulted in the cancellation of school trips and has left the children 'Gutted'.
The most recent act included the window being smashed and the battery terminals cut, leaving us unable to attach a new battery.
Vandalising the bus, not only costs us to fix the damage, but cost the children an educational day out which they have been looking forward to.
Please click here to read the article from BristolPost.
Thieves have continued to break in - despite the installation of CCTV
The battery was removed as well as the battery terminals and wiring during the most recent break-in