School Council

Please check back later this term to see our new school council.
We have 7 school councillors and 7 deputies. Each of them has been elected by their peers and stands for a full school year. The council meets once a week to discuss school business and they each have a voice to bring any issues or concerns of their own and their classmates. All feedback is shared with the school's senior leadership team. A teacher and support staff member sit in attendance and one of the school councillors acts as chairperson.
Term 6
This term the school council have been focussing on what it means to be part of a community. They created a display using photographs taken by them of people who help us around the school. The councillors also launched a stop swearing campaign. They decided on what the sanctions should be for swearing and stood in front of the whole school to give their message. They also launched an anti-swearing poster competition and acted as the judges to select the winning design.