School Council


School Council


Our school council was formed with the aim of giving pupils a voice, so that their views are heard and acted upon.

How do we work?


Each class elects a councillor. This happens in September and councillors stay in place for the whole of the academic year. Every child is welcome to stand for election and councillors are elected by their peers. Every one of our elected representatives signs a code of conduct and council charter, with expectations and commitments decided on by the council. They then elect each other into positions within the council such as chair- person and treasurer.

What do we do?


  • We meet regularly

  • We discuss topics that are relevant to all of us such as safety in school, bullying and healthy eating

  • We act as a link between our fellow pupils and our senior leadership team

  • We gather ideas and views from our classmates

  • We listen to everyone’s views and get thing done

  • We take part in whole school assemblies

  • We keep records of our meetings

Who are we?


Poplar: Luke – Chair

Cherry: Maqsuud – Vice Chair

Ash: Tyler – Secretary

Chestnut: Ethan – Treasurer

Apple: Shay – Budget

Holly: Jayden – Hospitality

Oak: Harley – Secretary

Willow: currently vacant.