Woodstock School

Safeguarding information 


  • The School’s Designated Safeguarding lead (DSL) for child protection in Woodstock School is Mrs Lindsay Winterbourne, the Deputy Head of School .


  • The Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead in the school is Mrs Julie Pester, Head of Pastoral Care. 


  • Any concerns regarding a child’s safety should be reported to the Designated Safeguarding lead immediately. The school policy and procedures will then be applied.


  • Woodstock School will give full support and cooperation to those agencies involved with a child who is the subject of a child protection plan


  • Whilst in the school, you may witness, on occasion, a situation where it is necessary for a member of our trained staff to hold a child to prevent injury. Please do not attempt to assist but leave for our staff to manage.


  • All incidents of physical restraint, when managing children’s behaviour, will be recorded and parents/carers informed.





  • A copy of our Safeguarding policy is available below