Help and Support

 MoneySense is an impartial financial education programme designed to help young people towards a better financial future. There are loads of great resources for you and your child to explore together .
Money skills can equip your child for life – and MoneySense is here to
give you all the help, knowhow and inspiration you need.
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Do you care for an child/adult due to age, health issue or disability?  Carers support Centre is a charity run support group that can provide help, whenever you need it.
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All Classes are term time only
Are you a Kinship Carer?       Kinship care is when a child lives full-time or most of the time with a relative or friend who isn't their parent, usually because their parents aren't able to care for them.  That relative or friend is called a 'kinship carer', and it's estimated that around half of kinship carers are grandparents, but many other relatives including older siblings, aunts, uncles, as well as family friends and neighbours can also be kinship carers.
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