Good News!

Here at Woodstock School, we believe in hearing every childs' voice, and the response from their Parents/Carers.
In order to do this, we send home evaluation forms to be completed by the adults which helps us gather as much feedback as we can to ensure your children are happy and receiving the support they need to succeed at their highest potential.
Below you will see just a few of the responses we received
"I’m not at school with *Child* but I know it has had a massive impact on *Child* in so many ways. *Child's* school is one the best things that has happened to *Child* – not just at school, but also at home and in public. I’m so proud of the change"
" *Child* has come along really well in the last 4 years. We noticed an improvement after his first few weeks"
" My child's behaviour has changed for the better "
" My Child has become calmer since coming to Woodstock. He really has made such progress"
" The small classes are ideal for my child and the teachers have a better understanding of his needs"
" I would like to say amazing the school has been for my child. It really has made him feel better about himself "
" My *Child* has improved so much, inside and out of home. I thought that *child* would never be happy in a school before starting Woodstock"