Educational Visits

In term three, Apple, Cherry, Poplar and Oak went on a trip to Carleon in Wales to visit the National Roman Legion Museum. It was a fantastic experience where we saw the ruins of an amphitheatre where the gladiators fought and the barracks where the Roman soldiers lived and trained. The pupils got a chance to try on armour and helmets and see real Roman artefacts.



 Environmental educational day at Bristol Wild Place Project, April 25th 2018


Some lucky pupils from Woodstock will be experiencing an educational visit to The Wild Place thanks to the generosity of staff at Ecosurety.  Pupils will be learning about the woodland project described below, taking part in fun educational games and enjoying a tour of the park. 


"Ecosurety have chosen to work in partnership with Bristol Wild Place project (run by Bristol Zoo) as their 2018 Corporate Social Responsibility project. The Wild Place project aims to inspire families to enjoy nature with a number of outdoor adventures from discovering wildlife from the UK and around the world. Based near Cribbs Causeway, it was opened by the Bristol Zoological Society with an emphasis on protecting threatened habitats on our doorsteps and around the globe.


The Wild Place Project is currently developing a project centred around the Ancient British Woodland, focused around reintroducing animals that would have been roaming the woods several hundred years ago including Bears, Wolves, Wolverine and Lynx. The messaging relating to this project will be around local conservation and how we can look after our own woodlands so we can encourage their use for both physical and mental wellbeing. There will also be a focus on British native animals, hedgehogs, badgers, birds, bugs etc... and how at home individuals can help protect them.



Bristol Zoo - 1st May


Willow Class will be going to Bristol Zoo on 1 May for a class trip to support their new topic on ‘Animals’.  The class will be taking part in a hands on learning session, ‘Discovery’ with staff from the zoo.  This session will enable the children to see a few animals close up and ask questions before we look around the zoo especially the aquarium as we will be looking particularly at animals that live in the water!

Photographs to follow...