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Term 3 -   In Apple class this term there has been lots of exciting learning going on. Pupils have been designing their own bread.  They made the dough and then picked a filling of chocolate, orange, sweets or blueberries.

They mixed their filling into the dough, left it to prove for an hour, picked the shape they wanted their bread to be, shaped the dough, then put it into the oven for fifteen minutes to cook.  Finally the best bit!! Taste and evaluate!!
Apple Class having been looking at Bread in DT and how it forms part of a healthy diet.  We had the luxury of tasting lots of different bread types, and understanding the origins of the bread.
Term 3

In Maths this term we have been working hard at our Multiplication and Division skills. We have been practising our 2, 5 and 8 times tables as well as using blocks and other equipment to help us solve problems. The children should be proud of their efforts.

In science we have been learning about Rocks, Fossils and soils, we will be looking at natural rocks and the different colours of rocks.  We will then be grouping rocks into different categories.  We look at rock erosion and the permeability of rocks.  We will then move onto looking at soils, and fossil formation and how we identify fossils.

PE this term will be using our fantastic resource of Real PE

We have been learning about the history of the Roman Empire and going on a trip to visit Roam remains in Carleon.


 Term 4

Apple class have been learning what is needed to light fires, and then what materials they need to keep them burning.  They have had great success in setting their fires alight and have managed to find kindling to add to their fires to keep them burning.



Polish Visitor
Apple Class were really lucky to have the Polish visitor come to talk to them.  She showed us some great photos and shared some great facts about Poland.  Then the treat of tasting some lovely Polish delicacy.  Which was very tasty.  Thank you Aga.